GIPS: Accural of witholding taxes

The CFAI book states that it is recommended that witholding taxes subject to reclamaition be accured. Could someone tell me what accured means in this conext? So a foreign country withholds some taxes from gain or interest income, and you expect to get those back later in the year (relamation). In the mean time, how what do you have to do to let those withheld funds accure? Thanks!

accrue = accumulate.

(and not sure if there would be taxes on the taxes too).

I don’t understant that response. What would you actually do in the senario I layed out? Would those taxes that you plan to get back through reclamation, would they sit as an immaginary cash amount in the account thereby dragging down returns? Like what acualy has to happen to be GIPS compliant in this situation.