GIPS Appendices

Guys, Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I’m going through Reading 4 (GIPS) and am confused about the samples in the appendices. Most of the material in this reading is optional, but the appendices are not. Do we need to know all this or should just knowing ICCCDPPR (IcyDiaper) suffice? I guess it’s confusing (as to what is optional and what is not) because you need to know the optional material in order to understand the appendices! I want to make sure I don’t miss out on any formulas (DPI, RVPI, TVPI, etc.). Thanks for any input.

are you in level 1 or 2? You need to know appendices too. What does IcyDiaper refer to? Page #s please. those formulas you referenced are for private equity, i thought your post was about ethics

Sorry. I should have clarified. I assumed that folks will implicitly decipher that this is with regards to L1 since the post was made in the L1 forum :). I am talking about the Global Investment Performance Standards - Level 1 Volume 1 > Study Session 1 (Ethical and Professional Standards) > Reading 4 (GIPS). The original post was made with regards to pages 224-248 (appendices 4A, 4B, and 4C). ICCCDPPR = Inputs, Compliance, Calculations, Composite Construction, Disclosure, Presentation & Reporting, Private Equity, Real Estate. IcyDiaper is easy to remember the individual sections (don’t forget Wrap Fees). Thanks for any input. Sorry again for the initial mix-up. BTW, I am registered for December 2011.

Damn! May have answered my own question. Initially, I had only looked at Appendix 4A. However, now I see Appendix 4B is explicitly marked as “Optional.” It must mean that Appendix 4A and 4C are mandatory. If any of you think otherwise, please share. It is still kind of weird that the sections on which those appendices (4A and 4C) are based are all marked “Optional.”

oh wow you have a lot of time good thinking. Good memorization tool for those things, you need to know them. If they are really marked optional then i wouldn’t worry, there is plenty else to do.

GIPS chapter has 4 LOS. Focus on those and forget everything else, imo By the way, thanks for the Icy diaper tip… Will come in handy when I do GIPS