GIPS - Capital employed, income return and capital return

Schweser reading 35 concept checker questions 12, 13, 14 require the calculation of capital employed, income return and capital return (page 208). I see no other reference to these formulas in either the CFAI text or the Schweser chapter. Would I be correct in assuming that these calcs are no longer part of the curruculum? Schweser error?

Why don’t you email them . They are very prompt with answers

how do you interpret: For periods ending on or after 1 January 2011?

Does this mean periods during 2009 or 2010 should alse be considerd?

What is confussing is the statement ‘for periods ending on…’, as this may be interpreted, at least if you translate into a different context than the English, as any period that started before the ‘on or after …’ If this is the case, why CFA does not just say something like ’ for all periods …’?

financials statements apply for a particular period. The SEC filings for the company indicate which period it is for.

If it says period ending on 1 January 2011 , it means a quarterly statement filing for End December 2010 ( or fiscal quarter ending in the last part of 2010) or an annual statement which is filed for a period ending in December 2010.

For the other periods you indicate ( 2009 and 2010 ) , thos would be presumably filed much earlier and the rule you mention should not apply.

I think you’re over thinking this.

GICS narratives might mention a period for which some facts have been stated and they expect you to know a what rules are valid for that period for the financial segment the firm is in

Schweser have confirmed that above questions are not part of CFA Level 3 curriculum 2014.

See below email from them. Thanks, Paul


Dear Paul,

We received and e-mail from you regarding Schweser Notes book 5, p. 208, questions 12, 13, 14. Yes those were left in there by accident and pertain to equations that were in last year’s curriculum which were taken out for this year and although we updated the reading accordingly we somehow missed those three questions. Best regards, "

Great!! Saves me a lot of time studying on this part. :slight_smile: