GIPS Compliant

Good morning all,

I know this question has been asked several time but I am still a bit confused about the number of years that a company has to report Complimt performance in order to be GIPS Compliant.

my understanding was that it was 5years (except if the composite has been in existence for less than 5 years) and then adding a year every year to reach 10 years and keep 10 years of performances onwards.

the problem is the following practice problem:

”What is the minimum period of compliant performance that a 12-year-old firm must present to comply with the GIPS Standards: A-5 / B-10 / C-12”

i would have said A : 5 years but the correct answer is 10 years. Could someone clarify this answer for me? I thought 5 was the minimum when you claim compliance for the first time.

thanks in advance for your help!