GIPS Composite question

So for GIPS composite composition, there are no limits to the amount of composites you can present as long as they share the same investment strategy, but as a requirement there has to be ONE entire composite that contains all discretionary fee paying porftolios, call it the “Mother Composite” and the rest of the composites are just “kids”. Is my interpretation of this accurate or off base? Forgive me, GIPS is just a weak area for me right now.

1st statement should be clarified to say there is no limit to the number of portfolios in a composite as long as they share the strategy (and are discretionary). There is no such thing as one overall composite. Edit: no such thing as a required overall composite

a firm can have many composites but all discretionary, fee-paying portfolios with the same investment strategy have to be in the same composite. no cherry-picking the best performing portfolios and excluding the poorer performing ones. and i think a “mother composite” is NOT ok. unless of course all of the accounts you manage follow the same strategy and are discretionary and fee-paying. I think this is right but someone elses confirmation would make me feel better.