GIPS Coverage

I know that the PM stuff is not broken out, but anyone have a guess as to how much of the exam GIPS will be? Based on old samples and schweser exams, it seems to be around 5% which is what I would have guessed. I am just trying to calm my nerves before test day since I am pretty weak in GIPS (reviewing tomorrow). It’s hard to be good at every topic, so I suppose if I have to have a weak spot, it might as well be GIPS…


5%. Most likely 1 item set in PM.

well, it’s still worth covering, but nothing to freak out about. it will be what it will be.

I’d say 12-18 points in the morning. Last year was an aberration with having GIPS in the PM.

the GIPS “freakiness index” has been disproportionate on this site, especially if you take into accoutn the coverage it will receive on the exam. On the other hand, fixed-income (with a possibility of being 20% of the exam) has not received the same hysteria, yet it is much more important and challenging.

well, i have really been disappointed with level 3. the entire system is flawed. you read 50 pages of GIPS for 3-6 questions? really? same thing with macro attribution. two chapters of about 50 pages for 3-6 questions? come on. this is getting ridiculous. fixed income will not be 20% – more like 10%. there is just too much stuff for them to squeeze in (which implies that they should have less stuff in the curriculum).