GIPS-dispersion measurement

How do you know if the dispersion measurement shown on the table is internal or external?

Internal dispersion measurement is required under GIPS and external is recommended right?

If a dispersion measurement is shown in the table, how do you know if it is internal or external?

I don’t even know the difference laugh

well, I could not findany mention of “external dispersion” in the curriculum…also curious if you have the page reference

Found it in Schweser notes…I don’t have the materials with me right now… sad crying broken heart indecision

From what I understand, internal refers to the dispesion of the composite by itself and the external is referncing the index AND the composite - both are mandatroy:

Internal dispersion: ex. 20 accounts ranging from 10.5%-13.2% or STD must be disclosed … (not required if less than 6 portfolios for the year)

External dispersion: 3 years: last 36 monthly returns of composite and benchmark - annualized STD

answer is B


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its said on the notes the type of measurement.