GIPS - future date of 1/1/2010

OMG - Time is going by fast. The CFA text refers to GIPS requirements that go into effect on 1/1/2010 as “future date requirements”. Does anyone know if these will be referred to as current requirements since we are past 1/1 or do we still consider those “future requirements” since that is what is in the text? This may be a VERY dumb question, but I don’t want to miss easy points. Thanks!

focus on the big picture for GIPS. the characterictics def, def of firm (rem mkt value of all assets under mgmt , fee non fee disc and non dis), composite being “single” and maybe the exception to evergreen and open end for PE

I think I read somewhere that we are not required to know those. I cant recall where though.

Thanks - that’s helpful. Good luck studying!