GIPS in AM session

I know its kinda scary…just curious to know who all can deal with GIPS if it appears in AM session. I think I would only have to skip it if it does :frowning:

btn I heard this has appeared in AM sessions in 2003, 2004…

depends on question.

if it ask for calculation of real estate return. I can do that.

modified Dietz. ok

I wonder if they will start firing years and dates at us…

Firm X has been operating since 2000 and claims gips compliance. It showed composite % of carveouts from from 2005-2010

ok? or not ok? if not ok, then why?

“Write the firms compliance statement, word for word…”

Summarize gips in 500 words … Haha imagine!

Haha. I doubt any morning questions on GIPS. If they do have them it will be: What additional disclosures should they include? Should this be discretionary/non and why? Can this firm claim compliance and why? I pray they do not question dates on this exam… I have a lot of them down, but there is know way to be confident you have memorized all of them and the time is just not worth it.

Gips in the morning is as likely as an individual return req q in the afternoon

Just checking, the questions technically does not have enough info right? You CAN have carveouts if its actually managed separately and has separate cash etc? And if it does not include 2010, then there’d be no questions asked.

Find some GIPS questions, solve one(AM or PM) per day, and it’s ready to go.


If it comes in the AM session, i guess it will be more of like Indentify the 4-6 violations in the given GIPS verification and disclosures report.

i was having a good day until i read this thread…GIPS…WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?