Sorry, I have to vent.

Don’t spoil it!!.. I’m not there yet. Jeezzz… now it’s ruined.


dude we know it is… just memorize it, get your 18 points, and move on…

message gotten

Given that this thread is here… GIPS totally sucks! But on the plus side, once I’ve memorised it I’ll know it for ever and ever and ever and not just for six hours on Saturday June 5th.

Let’s have a GIPS jam session tonight at AF, what say?

If anyone has any good tips on this stuff I’d love to hear it. Just not sticking with me for some reason!!

Firstly, GIPS has got to be an essay in the a.m. - because it wasn’t last year (my guess). Secondly, KNOW THE REQUIRED DISCLOSURES… yes, there are hundreds seemingly, but that’s what the CFAI loves to test. For those who haven’t seen: the template’s a sample portfolio disclosure with a bunch of footnotes, and then they ask “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE”? 1/2 of which is usually naming the missing required disclosures, e.g. they forgot to say what is the reporting currency or they goofed and provided only 4 years of performance instead of 5. I’m down with GIPS review tonight on AF… slowly re-reading all this stuff now.

GIPS has been getting tested in the afternoon section for the last couple of years, so i doubt it’ll appear in the morning