GIPS-man Quiz #4

Which of the following must be disclosed (required) under GIPS standards? A) performance results as either gross or net of taxes B) policies for calculating performance are avaialble upon request C) changes in calculation methodology that has a material impact on performance







ambiguous question

C says I

Can someone please post the official RIGHT answer???

answer is B A is clearly wrong (do not have to state if gross or net of taxes) and C is only recommended

Are these Schweser/Allen questions? These sound vaguely like a third party resource

Two disclosures that are available on request: 4.A.11 FIRMS MUST disclose that the FIRM’S list of COMPOSITE DESCRIPTIONS is available upon request. 4.A.12 FIRMS MUST disclose that policies for valuing PORTFOLIOS, calculating performance, and preparing COMPLIANT PRESENTATIONS are available upon request. === My shortfall risk on this Q is 66.67%.