GIPS Memorization - Tips/Advice?

So many tiny rules/notes to remember. Schweser lecture pdf is 70 slides alone.

How on earth are you guys remembering this, and is there a better cheat sheet for the top ones?


On the GIPS website there are several compliant presentations.

I think it is helpful to go through those samples and then take note of what is there that is required/recommended. You get to see how all the little rules fit together in practice.

You can also think in terms of the ethical principles of full disclosure and fair representation, which is what all the rules are based off of. The information in the presentation should be helpful to the client in making a decision.

Might as well assume that you have to disclose everything under the sun, although not really but almost practically that’s the case.

It can be difficult remember the rules of previous years and how they differ from current years. Something that I have noticed is that the more recently amended rules tend to be more strict/difficult than the older ones. Like for real estate GIPS used to require reporting every 12 months and now they require quarterly reporting.

These are all good points, thanks - I like your approach