GIPS morning or afternoon

Is it possible to get GIPS written questions? or will GIPS be only an afternoon multiplechoice session? I just don´t know how to remember everything that is mentioned under GIPS. I think I might be OK with MCQ but written answers … oh dear! Would appreciate your thoughts.

historically it has been in the AM. however over the past 2 yrs it has been in the PM. but looking at the old AM exams i would rather have it in the AM. the PM question from 2007 is in our cfa books and it was nasty. they asked for 2 calculations that i bet alot of people got stumped on. modified dietz… no shot i would have goten that. all the previous AM qustions have been to look at a gips presentation or agree/disagree w/ someone statement.

Thanks nikko. Just a quick observation, how did u know that the questions 29-34 in our CFA books GIPS section were from the CFA 2007 PM exam? Do they say anywhere which questions they give in their end of chapter questions were previous exam questions?

I also noticed that the only LOS with “calculate” is the GIPS Real Estate LOS 49p. So unless they give a PM question on Realestate, I guess it will be an AM question. oh dear… I haven´t looked at the questions yet. I hope I agree with you Nikko…

i am making an assumption. they are either from 2006 or 2007 b/c thats when they first started testing them in item sets