GIPS performance presentation timeframe?

As per the text book “After presenting 5 years of GIPS complaint preformance, the Firm must present additional annaul performace up to a MINIMUM 10 years”?

Why can’t they just say, present total 15 years of GIPS complaint performance? Can we present last 10 years of performance even if it doesn’t complaint with GIPS?

I think it’s 5 + 5 and not 15y? a Min of 5 years compliant presentation and you keep on adding up to 10 years of financial performance in my eyes.

ok for this next 5 years of presentation doesn’t have to compliant with GIPS? am I right in my understanding?

I am afraid no. if You want to comply with GIPS you must at least have 5 years of compliant presentation (or since the inception of the firm) which cover all the investment firm (i.e. the entire distinct business entity = that have investment discretion over the assets).

You have to continue to attach a compliant presentation up to 10 years of financial history.

You cannot have non-compliant financial presentation from 2001 on.

Years of financial history before 2001 can be attached to the compliant presentation (at least 5y) with adequate disclosure

Hope it helps,

yes you are right! thank you!

you are very welcome :slight_smile:

then agree with you GIPS perhaps is not the most exciting topic to go through but still equally important.