GIPS Question - Using CVG GIPS

I understand you can use CVG GIPS pre2006 data, the paragraph also says how you must include that performance data in subsequent GIPS-compliant presentations until a minimum of ten years of performance is presented. Does this mean you need to include CVG data until you have 10 years of “compliant” data, or can you phase it out over time? (i.e. if you have 5 years CVG and you finally record an additional 6 years of compliant data, you can get rid of ONE of the years of CVG data). Thanks in advance.

We are in a grey zone area here. There are two separate issues. - Display GIPS compliance data beyond 10 years. GIPS requires displaying up 10 years. Technically, firms can drop the early years once they have the full 10 years, though it is ethical to show their complete GIPS compliant record if they are more than 10 years. - Validitily of CVG compliant track record beyond 10 years as GIPS full compliance. If I take the spirit of the rule, I would say it applies the same way. remember GIPS are an ETHICAL standard, not a law to be applied by word. Secondly, I’d bet that you are NOT likely to get this kind of questions at level I exam (or level III exam)