GIPS question

From Schweser: “After presenting 5 years of compliant data, the firm must add annual performance each year going forward up to a minimum of 10 years.” Could someone please explain this gobbledygook with an example? I mean first they say 5 years of data, now they say the minimum is 10.

I guess the first time you claim GIPS compliance, you are supposed to present at least 5 years of data. The second year, it’s going to be 6 years, … 6th year, it’s 10 years, 7th year it’s 10 years, etc.

5 years of compliant data is necessary to claim GIPS compilance, and then we need to keep adding (annual) performance data each year then on, for next 10 years. But, yea, Even I don’t understand how do you achieve a minima from the bottom? …lol - Dinesh S,613402,613402#msg-613402

just to add on… if a company is new eg < 5yrs of historical data. the company mus give all data since it started and slowly add up to 5yrs.