GIPS question

Maybe a silly question, but here goes anyway -

Do we actually have to know all of the dates for GIPS, ie before Jan 1 2010 one has to do x but after Jan 1 2010 one has to do y? It seems like a lot to memorize, so wondering if they’re actually tested.



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Got any examples from CFAI material showing them testing GIPS dates?

Thanks a lot

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Seriously though, can someone give any proof that they test GIPS dates?

I feel like this is in Level II where they said you have to know all the differences between GAAP and IFRS but as far as I remember there were little if any questions on that.

I have no chance of doing as well as some of the regulars on this forum will do, just trying to make the best use of the 23 days left…

Roll the dice at your own expense. I can’t provide an example but i know i have seen it.

Now what is probably MORE likely is you are given information that is more about applying the current (2012) provisions, but i would not be surprised at all to see some statement about monthly valuations being done in 2005 and you have to say if that is acceptable.

Just learn it.

Got it, thanks

I think there’s a question in Schwesser Volume 1 test 2 pm that includes dates. I didn’t memorize them so I just guessed. It’s really only 1 question out of 60, for the amount of junk that I would heve to put in my head for 1.67% of the test it’s not really worth it to me. I’ll probably only go back and memorize the dates for performance measurement only.