GIPS - RE/PE Multiples

  1. Are Total Value and Committed Capital the same thing? 2) Is Residual Value a) The amount that has been paid in but not yet invested b) The amount of the Committed Capital that has not yet been Paid in? My understanding so far: Market Value = Residual Value Total Value = Residual Value + Cumulative Distributions Thanks.

Residual value is capital which is not yet paid out through distributions (aka dividends) to LPs.

i am not sure about other questions.

i think your understanding is correct

So we got Market value and Total Value right. Still not sure on 1) and 2).

I don’t think so. Committed capital is what has been committed, paid is what has been paid into the fund, and total value equals all the sweet gains we have had + base. So say we had 120, paid in is 100. We distributed 30, and our residual value is 80. Total value of the fund would be 110. I think.