GIPS - Schweser or CFAI

GIPS - Schweser or CFAI? Any recos?

I read the CFAI Gips, and will now rely strictly on Schweser for that section. Do lots of practice questions, and read that section over a number of times.

Was the CFAI text no good for GIPS or just too long?

It was long and time consuming. But I think Schweser covers it pretty well in a much more condensed version. If we can nail down the Schweser material I’d guess we’ll be fine.

I agree with BB’s method, I’m using the same strategy for GIPs. IMO Schweser does a very good job with it, the same as the book but more condensed.

I read GIPS retained 10%, will have to go with Schweser for Gips, Behavior finance and other stuff

Anyone old timers have comment regarding new reading for GIPS. Looks like they changed from the handbook to a new reading in the CFAI Text. Are Sch notes updated to reflect the new readings? or CFAI might throw out a curve ball this year with the new reading?