GIPS Standard

According to an old post GIPS is tested from few pages of the curriculum. Could somebody please let me know if this is true. If so what pages should I focus on.

The post:


Do not skip it, It will be tested. Anything that is not in the optional segment of the book is testable material. It is actually quite easy to remember, free points on the exam.

Thanks for the reply. followup question: how do I check if a segment is optional or not?

In the curriculum, when an optional segment begins, you’ll see a dashed vertical bar in the margins. The optional segment continues until the dashed bar ends. If you are using the e-books, you will see [OPTIONAL] for each sections of a reading that are not exam material. If you check in the GIPS section of the book, there are some optional segments towards the end. For example, GIPS Valuation Principles and GIPS Advertising Guidelines are optional readings.