Gips Strategy

What is your GIPS strategy? I read through once quick. I plan on another read through this weekend and another the week of the test. How are you guys tackling this? Also… F U Currency crap!!

i learned GIPS by doing question after question in the Q bank…got a lot wrong at first but now bringing up the average…i learned ethics the same way… Its all memorization and by doing q after q a few key themes emerge.

Definitely +1 Grind and retain…

Striker, try past exam GIPS question. It is much hard to write something out from blank than picking answers from multipl choices.

WS - I agree 100%…but i’m finding with the sheer grind away i can actually recall a lot of it now. I’m making the transition from recognition to recallability. what i do is when the answers come up, i’ll read the list or whatever it might be and then try to recite that list frommemory… as for old past exams - that’s on the list to do - but that’s not how i’m learning gips. Rather, it’ll be how i practice gips.