GIPS Studying ROI Even though they don’t give you ranges topics other than asset classes for level 3 (other than calling 45-55% portfolio management) is GIPS always an item set worth 5%? I have been struggling and just don’t know if its worth the time trying to remember ever single nuance of it and was thinking it would be better to spend the time it takes to really understand GIPS and use it to master the other study sessions. What do you think of this strategy? Do you think the secret sauce or other summary would be enough to give myself a chance at some points?

ehhhhh perhaps…i have some self made gips note from cfai text. send me your email and i will forward them

Hi SkipE99, can you please send across to me too at I too haven’t got a hold on GIPS yet and was wondering whether whether theres time left do it in detail…your summary will be of great help…TIA.

Please send to ne at : Thank you in advance @

pls fwd @…thanks a lot thanks in advance :smiley:

me too if you dont mind! cheers!

me too pleaseeee