GIPS Verification

Just a random question…who are these verifiers?? Are they independent companies? like auditors?

Yep. I know some CPA / Consulting firms that do it on the side.

Oh…I see…what do they call their industry? i.e. what are their roles know as?

Not sure. I would guess they view this as another form of auditing.

ok…thanks…i find GIPS very interesting…wouldn’t mind working as a verifier…


haha…i knew i was gonna generate such responses…but yea…i am…maybe i have a thing for auditing related stuff i guess…finished with MS.Accounting just last dec…)

I am just messing with you. At first I looked at GIPS as a pain in the butt, but now I actually kind of find it interesting. At the very least it has me much more skeptical of performance numbers I see. My RIA is the outgrowth of an accounting firm (although we don’t do audits anymore) so I can kind of relate.

hey Sparty–check out Ashland Accounting. they specialize in gips verification. i used them way back in 1999 when i was creating composites and using the modified deitz method of calculating returns. fun fun. i think there is also a firm called Beacon.

Thanks pica…will do…once this monster is out of the way…