Read GIPS in April. Seemed to have forgotten it all- Any advice on what to focus on?


Hey, read pages 19-39 of the GIPS Handbook 3rd Edition and know those pages inside and out. I feel like that’ll be enough to answer 80%+ of the GIPS questions that we’re likely to encounter on an exam.

One of the things that’ll most likely be tested is the return report. You’ll be shown the table and asked which of the factors presented or omitted violates GIPS requirements.

The headers should include the following:

  1. Year

  2. Composite Return (Gross or Net)

  3. Benchmark Return

  4. No. of Portfolios (if greater than 5, otherwise not required)

  5. Internal Dispersion Measure

  6. Composite Assets

  7. Total Firm Assets

  8. 3 year ex-post standard deviation of Composite returns

  9. 3 year ex-post standard deviation of Benchmark returns

-use this for reference ->



Can you clarify the second hashtag?

Since when you need to disclose what. Wouldn’t be nice, but they could give you dates pre 2011 and a method that is not allowed in the current GIPS version. Would still be ok if it was allowed at that time. Even worse if they give us time series pre-2005. But I hope that won’t happen.

2 things I recently learned: 1) If GIPS conflicts with local laws, follow local laws and disclose why the two differ. 2) You cannot declare general compliance with GIPS on reporting statement. Only in a personal one on one client presentation. Learned this in afternoon section of Schweser online mock exam.


I don’t think knowing GIPS dates will be important… I plan on reading schweser GIPS chapter on saturday morning. I read it once a few months ago and that has been good enough for me to get 4-5/6 on most problems.

lol… I am wondering how he will write this.

You’d better know required vs. recommended. I think it is highly likely to be tested.

check out adam’s threads “Helpful notes”

last few posts he covered gips…



The reporting statement says “XYZ claims compliance with GIPS…” So you do declare your general compliance in reporting statements?

Not sure what you mean.