I took the PM exam on the CFAI website and got a relatively lower Score in ethics than I get usually, and 5 of the 6 questions I got wrong were GIPS related. I just can’t seem to get this topic. I noticed there were questions asked like the official language to be used in case of a difference in translation between the local language and GIPS translation, how the GIPS standards now incorporate risk measures as well, etc… And all this isn’t covered in Schweser. Should I read it from the official curriculum? I’m pressed for time. Inputs from.someone who’s read it from the curriculum would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks daharmattan1! I will stick to blue boxes for now, the GIPS reading is huge, I’d rather focus more on my other weak areas like you suggested.

The actual GIPS readings (that aren’t optional) aren’t too bad in the CFAI books. I read through it in probably 30 or so minutes. It’s a lot more detailed than the Schweser books.