I went august, since oncethey started selling, they weren’t discretionary - just selling. Tricky question. I think I actually mutterred “Well played, CFAI, well played” under my breath.

What did you guys put as an appropriate dispersion measure? I put the one that looked like an imterquartile range.

Lol I felt that septemebr wouldn’t make sense as they would be in full selling mode which makes the last 10 days ridiculous. So I went for… October… Too bad. It’s pretty obvious that August is the way to go here.

yeah, i knew this hsould have been august. crap, i had september too.

It seems that this entire Qn was different in Asia

Another one about GIPS - which of those three characteristics meets GIPS for Real Estate?




september. I dont think that fact that it takes them one month to wind up makes any difference. By reporting results for october, nov etc, it will be equivalent to simulation as the portfolio was shut down or whatever (dont remember the exact terminology now) on sep 20.

That is correct. If they started liquidating the portfolio (or stopped managing it due to the transition to another manger) in September (the 20th, I think it said), then August would be the final month that they actively managed the portfolio consistent with the composite strategy.

Standard 3.A.4. Terminated portfolios must be included in the historical returns of the appropriate composites up to the last full measurement period that the portfolio was under management. I put August thinking that it becomes non discresionary in September – not feeling 100% sure now – We know a non discresionary account cant be included – Is it considered non discresionary on september?

October waddup - hah - I’m the guy they removed the fourth answer for

I chose August - the last month of actual performance reporting. In September, right after the decision is made, the return can be affected adversely as the selling process begins.