I was going through the official readings and saw an incredibly long (100 pages almost) section on GIPS, but, most of it is marked optional. Can the optional part be skipped? Or is just less likely to be tested? How much of GIPS is really going to come?

Not that much! I used shweser for doing GIPS and only read the 2 chapters not the optional part. I believe optional part can be skipped, in fact I did that and was not troubled at all. I would rather say if you have shweser prepare GIPS from there.

I do have schweser. I suppose I was worried because the questions on investopedia INCLUDE the optional parts as well. Thank you for the clarification.

The parts marked optional will 100% NOT be on the exam. That should be stated in the front of the text. If you are interested in them, read them before you go to bed after you take the exam, but don’t waste your time over them now. With that, just to be clear, any optional readings throughout the text will not be on the exam… not just the GIPS section. And don’t skip any of the required parts… there isn’t much of GIPS, but the ethics section can pass/fail you alone… especially if you’re on the bubble. It’s just not worth skipping or skimping.