In lieu of reading the CFAI book, anyone just read the darn standards:

I’m reading the standard…

One dumb question on GIPS. The returns of composites are calculated by monthly, but why do we see only the annual returns in the GIPS compliant sample reports?

Do the standards not require presentation of total returns for benchmark/composite for each annual period?..i think it was in the book (i hope)

The published standards (at the link above) appear to be a more concise way to cut through this material. Wondered if anyone had looked at this option in lieu of reading the curric.

I’m not even attempting to read the Schweser or CFAI materials for GIPS. Both of them are just badly written, long-winded versions of the actual GIPS standards…

To answer the other questions on this thread:

a) composites need to be CALCULATED monthly but there’s no requirement that they are displayed monthly on a GIPS-compliant report

b) benchmark and composite returns must be presented for each annual period

Thanks, darkstar. So the monthly returns of a composite are supporting data? The monthly returns are not available on request?

Annual returns are all that is required, but it is recommended to provide quarterly or monthly returns.

Thank you so much, darkstar!