Even though everything is important in CFA curriculum but still I want to bet on GIPS. So, my question is how important is GIPS because material is very lengthy and not like oher portions in CFA curriculum. What %ge of Exam may I expect from GIPS?

Nobody can tell you that for the afternoon session. For the morning sessions you can look up the CFAI exams on their website.

I am not betting on GIPS (I assume you mean just skip the whole thing) but I am definitely disinclined to memorize what came before 2001 or 2006 or 2010. Just seems like a waste. So if they ask a question on that, too bad, I will be the Band 10 candidate :slight_smile:

No skiping of GIPS now, don’t want to be Band 10.

Thanks for your input…

I, for one, plan to largely skip GIPS. I think there’s too much to memorize and it will take too much hard drive space in the old noggin.

I do plan to watch the Schweser videos once and answer some practice questions. Other than that, I hope to use common sense and some “educated guessing”, and I hope to get half the questions.

I only do this because I have devoted a LOT of time and resources to the other 95% of the material. I think that if you know the rest of the exam very well, you can get away with marginalizing one small section.

How many years does it take an unknown martian to arrive on earth?

10 yrs

20 yrs

30 yrs

^ This is what it will look like on the GIPS section. There’s no "common sense " or “educated guessing”. you know it or you don’t.

You’ll get 1 of 3 if it ends up in the afternoon. and 0 if in the morning.

You’re cruel, itera.

Don’t leave us dangling: what is it? 10, 20, or 30?

Don’t skip gips. know the real estate calculations. How to do TWR and MWR.

I would just go through videos once and make notes out of that. Planning to do that as late as possible (last week of april or first week of may).

Skipping is not an option for me… Atleast reading the EOC summary could help. Good luck.

I wouldnt skip anything. But yeah, I’m not gonna get too bogged down on it either. Looks like PORTMAN is make or break.

This is what I’m focusing on:

You almost got me caught at office CT :slight_smile: Haaa…

Correct me if i am wrong, GIPS is pre-dominently tested in afternoon session? I looked up last 3 years morning paper from cfa websitr and could not find any questions on GIPS. So we can assume its part of afternoon session? Also GIPS is classified into Portfolio and Wealth Management or is it part of Portfolio Evaluation?

GIPS isn’t all that hard to memorize, really. At least not for me. There are some heuristics that can help. For example it’s good to just assume you have to document and disclose freaking everything under the sun.

If you go to the GIPS website and look at examples of compliant presentations, you can get a feel for how a compliant presentation should look, and that helps.