GIPS ? ?

Hi all,

I am currently @ the end of my second review of material and the dreaded GIPS topic is giving me issues. The material is not hard, but it is basically memorizing alot of standards.

For all CFA candidates who have gone through level 3 or charterholders, can you shed some light on how the GIPS topic is tested? For example, will they ask you to write down 5 standards of the Disclosure requirements? Or is it more like 2 analysts talk and you will either agree or disagree with statements?

Thanks for all your help.


I don’t think they can, without CFAI coming after them

Past morning exams are on CFAI website and would be the only authoritative guide.

I think you already know by now how CFA tests its topics. Very little of the CFA exams are based on rote memorization and more is about having a deep understanding of the moving parts. I suggest you give this section another deep pass in the final week or two before test day.

I guess you got a good point recho… Thanks for the comment Hank. I am just concerned about the way GIPS can be asked on the exam. Normally the material gives you hints & clues on how the exam will structure a question, but the GIPS topic isn’t “hinting” anything to me.

Does Schweser do a good job covering this? GIPS seems like a good candidate to ditch the CFA text.

be able to do the EOC questions well

is it tested 100%? what i mean is what is probablity of it being tested in either session on exam day? and what would be the weight for it? i am planning to leave it completely and invest saved time in other areas whr i m weak.

so the question is how often it is tested and what could be probable weight in the exam? somwhr i read it is 5% and tested as item set in afternoon session