Girl Talk

So I love a bit of girl talk on this forum as you may have noticed.

So thought Id ask you guys whats your favorite move with the ladies? Is it:

  • “nail and bail”

  • “pump and dump”

  • “love 'em and leave 'em”

  • “spray and pray”

Please help me out here with some more…

Somewhere out there, SheFA’s head is exploding…

As soon as you achieved Moose Club, you can move on

I like Pay and Spray, especially when in South East Asia.

Ok I got another, Grope and Hope ? (they dont call the cops)

rape and escape

just an fyi, rape jokes are never funny and make you look ridiculous

What about dead baby jokes?

perv and jerk

something that rhymes with blumpkin and blumpkin

I love you

I’m glad to see the quality of the “back office” has not deteriorated, keep up the good work.

dip and dash

Spunk and junk

Exactly, to example: After their lifetime of sexual abuse, psychiatrists treating the Fritzl children have decided its best to bring in a Catholic Priest. Not for spiritual guidance, but to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

for the love of…did all the girls leave this forum already? you boys have had free rein for too long!

I’ve missed you, KarenC! Welcome back!

Hey bChad - missed you too hun! Everything has changed - looks like I have some catch up ahead of me…

Remebmer me karen remember me??? sopppipsispsopspopsoppi??

Not of all us :wink: … Welcome back! How did the exam go?