given these Mock scores, what should I work on?

Part 1: Overall: 80% Ethics: 83.33% Quant: 92.86% Econ: 83.33% FSA: 83.33% Corporate Finance: 90% Equity: 58.33% Derivatives: 83.33% Fixed Income: 66.67% Alternative Investments: 100% Portfolio Management: 66.67% Part 2: Overall: 81% Ethics: 83.33% Quant: 92.56% Econ: 83.33% FSA: 83.33% Corporate Finance: 90% Equity: 75% Derivatives: 50% Fixed Income: 91.67% Alternative Investments: 66.67% Portfolio Management: 66.67%

not sure, maybe your tan :slight_smile:

nice one jryan - impressive scores! equity maybe, just to be sure?

Hmm… let’s see… maybe the section you scored the lowest on? (how’s that for a quant problem…)

go, have a pint mate! S

good call mcf except I don’t think it’s so black and white…it may be more worthwhile to improve a heavier weighted section than worry about something like alternative investments or derivatives for instance. That’s what I’m struggling with.

To be honest, my overall score has not changed over the course of 4 samples so far, but the movement between sections has been significant. frustrating – no clear area to focus on!

I think that the most important thing now is just to do an overall review of all important points of each area to keep them fresh in your head.