Giving up on GIPS

I have spent precious days (very very precoius days) on trying to learn the GIPS standards. I have read the text from the curriculum. Highlighted. Took notes. Reread.

I worked my way through the EOC questions.

I am unable to learn this. This is a pure list of rules and regulations, without almost any logic. This is crazy. Honestly how can you internalize this?

Guess B and move on.

The only only only thing I’m punting at L3 is that grotesquely long obtrusive formula about calculating covariance of returns between two markets.

GIPS is just pure memorization of a hand full of things… For some its super easy and for others,… as CEO said, punt!..

FOr me, well I love GIPS… Im a GIPPPPER!

That one I understand. Because it has logic. GIPS has not.

OK, I guess I won’t waste more time on it.

Guessing in GIPs is not a bad idea. It turned out to be a great idea in 2018 exam. Retakers must have remembered how GIPs was tested in 2018 :wink:

Yeah and I feel you on that, for real. But we all have different strengths/weaknesses. But when these formulas start looking more like hieroglyphics, I’d rather just focus on the practical use of the formula rather than the actual calculation.

Like MWRR for example, even though it’s in the LOS to know how to calculate it (which I think they could only realistically do in item set format), could you actually imagine CFAI wasting a question on something that they admit is only useful for spreadsheet modelling? Fact of the matter is, why waste time memorizing a formula that is unlikely to be asked on the exam, rather than the actual explanation of the formula.

also, now I’m second guessing myself, is it even in the LOS to calculate MWRR??..