Global Bond - Eurobond - Foreign Bond

Following to Schweser Book 5 P. 38, I wonder what the differences between Global bond, Eurobond and Foreign Bond are. From what i heard from somewhere else (not from the book for sure, that’s why i m so confused), Foreign bond is a kind of bond which is issued by foreign corporations and it should be denominated in local currency. While Eurobond differs from Foreign bond since it should be deminated in any currency except local currency. The last player, Global bond are issued in several countries at the same time. However, it differ from what the book said! If i have to remember all text from the book, i kind of can’t figure out what the difference btw. Global bond and Eurobond is. Thanks in advance!

I issue a global bond in Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia and in each country it is denominated in Yen, Franc, Ringgit. I issue a Eurobond in the same places and it’s in dollars.

is that the way it is? oh! thanx a lot.