Global P/E ratio statistic?

Hi all, I want to search the P/E rario as well as other financial ratios like EPS, revenues, EBIT ratio of China, India, US,…specially for emerging markets. Which the website i can get them from for free? Many tks!

The financial times (pink newspaper) has that in the print edition, they may have it online, too.

if have blmbrg: WPE

I can e-mail you stats…what’s your e-mail. Might as well given that I’m going to turf my current employer in a week or two. I have Bloom, Direct, Cap IQ and Irish Cream coffee. Willy

Just post your log-in passwords, etc. we’ll take what we need. Thanks.

Please…Viring why don’t you tell me another gleaful tail about your “exhaustive” research into security prices. Come on, I want to laugh tonight. Willy

Ok, come sit on my knee young feller… I search. SEARCH. exhaustively to find stocks that are cheap. CHEAP. that’s why. WHY. my portfolio is up for the year. YEAR. meanwhilst all these guru academics who went to top-notch mba programs and got jobs at MBIA using their financial engineering skills to statistically manipulate & repackage subprime paper are going broke. BROKE. (it appears from looking at insider buys that they even bought their own company’s stock at $20-40 per share? doh!).

Oh… Willy, i am moved by your enthusiasm! My email is But i dont thoroughly understand your mean :slight_smile: Virgin, i have logged in and viewed “print editions” but i have not yet still taken what i need. What the menu or button on it should i pick to get the statictis i need? Tks! Style, i dont understand what’s your mean? What does “WPE” mean? I accessed Bloomberg as well as Reuters, Thomson,…but after all i did not get data for free. All of them must be register to buy. Any ways have you? Tks all guys so much!