Global Real Estate

Hey guys, I’m looking for a good global Real estate manager. So far, I’ve got ABN, Alliance Bern, Cohen and Steers, and Morgan Stanley. Anyone think I should send my RFP out anywhere else? Willy

I would check with INVESCO. I am not sure which vehicles their Glbl REIT is available in at this point, but the guys that run that portfolio are great. They’ve been doing if for a long time, and they benefit from a worldwide network. The PMs’ name is Joe Rodriguez and he is fantastic.

Really? Thanks Bodymore. I’ll include them into my search universe. Willy

Bodymore, is Mr. Rodriguez a CFA charter holder? Willy

I don’t believe he does, but Mark Blackburn, another one of the lead PM’s on the team does. There are 3 in total, Joe, Mark, and Jim Trowebridge. They’ve been running instisutional real estate money forever. They work out of Dallas.

Mr. Rodriguez is a CFP actually… I would also consider RREEF and ING Clarion Real Estate.

Nice. Okay great thanks Bodymore, I’ll have our group submit an RFP. Willy

assuming you are doing a reit search and not a private real estate mandate, i would check out European Investors, met them a year or so ago, pretty solid team. AEW Capital Mgmt is another you should add to the list.

The guys at Cohen & Steers do an incredible job of proprietary research and management of such a large amount of money. Not only that, they have a wide range of Global funds that have performed very well.

Think Cohen and Steers actually manage the money? Probably not. Willy

^ They do - I know people there… Read into them a little more

Cohen and Steers is well known for producing some of the best real estate analysis in the business. They are definitely the leading money manager for real estate, and have been for quite some time.


what sort of real estate funds are you looking at willy? Income producing (i.e. Core/Core+) or Opportunistic/Private Equity style?