GM bankruptcy and discounting

So GM is facing this huge cash squeeze. How much would they discount their cars to raise cash to pay interest?

Just above a point where brand dilution starts to occur… that might bring down the price of individual units. I am not expecting a cadillac cts in camry price range.

But, like, uh, suppose that a guy was thinking of getting a GM truck which would be good for schlepping bicycles around. Like maybe one like this: The warranty would probably be useless (big problem), but suppose that GM needed to dump it for 60% of its usual price to avoid default. That might be pretty interesting.

Suppose GM completley restructured, most likely they would stop making the silverado. If you got the truck at a 60 % discount you might want to consider buying parts for the truck ahead of time and store them away assuming you wanted to keep the truck running for 10 + years. Let’s say 5 years down the line, an engine mount broke, It would be tough getting a part from your mechanic if the make and model of the vehicle was not in production for that long. Just something to consider…

“Honey, what is this thing in the china cabinet?” “It’s an engine mount for my truck. I’m hoarding them so I can really cash in when GM goes belly up.”