Gmail & Outlook

Anyone using this combo? I am looking to upgrade from my old yahoo account to a gmail one. Do they integrate without problem? I use Outlook at work and want to use that at home rather than the web version which has way too many ads etc.

Yeah, GMail and Outlook work fine together. You need to change some settings in GMail before it will let your email client talk to its POP3 server. There are some tutorials on the internet that will show you show to do it. I’ve actually never found ads to be much of a problem in GMail, particularly compared to other free online email services. Yahoo in particular, is horrible with adspam. But I guess Outlook makes it a bit easier to organize your stuff,

Cheers Ohai - sounds good enough to me (and what I would expect from a market leader tbh)

> Outlook makes it a bit easier to organize your stuff If you use folders to organize in Outlook, that was (for a while at least) difficult to sync up with Gmail, which uses tags or st else instead. You may want to do some google searching for a while before committing.

How old r u? I have had like 30 accounts at least, or more, on several servers, and that’s pretty modest nowadays. Around 10 I am using for different purposes. All private. Plus job and school accounts, also quite a lot actually. Don’t be shy, just try it. Muddahudda at for example. or huddamudda, or both. Good enough to register on forums.

I’m ancient. But I look like an olympian statue so it evens out. Why do you keep switching? Bit of a waste of time no? You have to look at all your old accounts? How do people keep up with you? Do you consolidate all your old emails to a central program? Or are you schizoid?

So, you go around naked? That evens it out definitely You get your official email with your name on it, to look for a job, register on iTunes, banking online, etc. Then you need the other one for this forum, register on some surveys, etc., anywhere that you don’t want to get emails from. some email less revealing, like mudda or hudda to give out to unknown people, etc. Some public email because you organize an event, which sounds like this event, etc. It’s all about protecting your privacy. Of course they accumulate because you switch from one provider to the other, each of those emails. but you still track the old ones, forwarding all emails to new accounts. I consolidate three emails on my iPad outlook, but one of these emails tracks four or five more old ones, and the ones with some news subscriptions. However not all servers allow to forward emails automatically to gmail, hotmail doesn’t. Consolidating also means you get all the spam (and that’s usually the reason I changed servers), so you have to decide what is more important - no spam or some random email from an old acquaintance.

Fair enough then, i’m a techno dinosaur in comparison! But that should all change as I have just ordered a brand spanking new laptop - a samsung Q430. A joyous moment (replacing my netbook as my 1 yr old boy used it as a surfboard). Right, good weekend one & all. I’m off to the beach.

I went from outlook to gmail for work. Hated it at first, but now that I’m using the keyboard shortcuts it’s infinitely better (to me). I’d start with those, once you get what the shortcuts are (you can just be in the inbox and hit shift+/ or the ? key and it will bring up what they are).