I was wondering about the similarities and differences between the GMAT and GRE. I started studying for the GMAT and I was wondering if it would be possible to take the GMAT one day and the GRE a couple of days later. Is it basically the same thing? or are they drastically different? Thanks guys

Why would you take the GRE?

Basically the same – both test math and english. The difference, however, is on the structure of the exam. As far as I know, no school will ask for both GMAT and GRE scores. It’s either or. Not sure what you are trying to do.

Biggest difference is in the verbal sections. GMAT tests grammar while GRE tests vocabulary. I’ve taken both and personally found the GRE to be much more time consuming to study for due to this difference. Quant and writing sections section are generally the same. Some masters in finance or financial engineering programs allow you to submit either one, but GRE is generally more popular for these programs. GMAT, of course, is for MBA programs.

I recall the GRE quant section having a lot more geometry than the GMAT. If you go to the GRE website, you can download a study guide with sample problems that are basically what you see on the real exam. I took the GRE about 4 months ago. Not too difficult but the format is totally different than the GMAT.

GMAT has some Data Sufficiency format questions…These can be tricky for someone not familiar with the structure.

I think the best thing for you to do here is get a cheap study guide for the GRE and go through it quickly. You might even be able to browse a lot of the material on amazon without actually making a purchase. Then compare with your GMAT guide and you’ll know where you stand. I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to take the two within close proximity of each other. Is it worth the time and expense however? Very few colleges would expect you to have both.

IMO GMAT quant is harder and GRE english section or whatever they call it is harder. Took GRE practice got an 800 on the math. GMAT math got a 48… so not a perfect.

Some of the programs I want to apply for only accept the GRE, that’s why I need to take it. I guess I’ll just take a few practice exams for the GRE and then go from there. I haven’t signed up for it yet.

for MBA- GMAT For MS in Finance or Fin Engg - GRE (some companies do take GMAT for these degrees but standard is GRE for MS)

i believe GMAC already provided GMAT-to-GRE score converter so I guess more B-school down the road will accept both GMAT and GRE. For what it’s worth seeing that trend - go with GRE since that will mean you can apply to virtually anywhere (be it science/engineer school or b-school).