GMAT Prep Overload!!!

What are the best books that lay out what you need to do to get 700+ on the GMAT? I plan on taking the GMAT but there is just so much information online about it (including gmat club); I just want one central book that gives me everything I need. I am really looking for a book that lays out what I should be studying and what books I should be buying. I’ve seen a couple online but does anyone have experience with one that really worked out well? An info would be much appreciated.

Manhattan GMAT Prep. Use code MONTAUK to save $100.

Is that an actual prep book or a book that tells you what you need to study and what books and strategies you need to score 700+?

With this prep program, a 700 is attainable. If I had more time I would invest in the whole program. Time is short for me so I have the sentence correction book they make. It is very good. Buy the GMAT Official Guides since these contain old exam questions. I’m not certain of one big book you could buy. Kaplan 800 I’ve heard is good.

I got 700 with MGMAT.

How many weeks should one study for the GMAT on average?

i don’t think there’s a single book that’s a cure-all…maybe the official guide. otherwise see the thread below. it answers your question exactly,792469,page=1

Hey numi thanks much appreciated should have done a search : ).

no problem