GMAT Question

Is a 690 worth resume space? or is the general rule of thumb 700+? Thanks

Did you goto a good school? I would leave that score off the resume

why would u even include GMAT scores on ur resume?

some people do 760+

Including your GMAT score on your resume is not common. Sort of makes you look like a DB for including it.

Why tho? If 760 gets u to top school, then just put ur school name. If 760 didnt get u into top schools, then 760 doesn’t mean squat. I mean, thats what the adcom decided right?

^^ Good point. Keep it off.

it might be worthwhile putting it in if you are looking for consulting jobs. I heard it helps landing an interview.

Are you in grad school right now? Many good employers want to know your GMAT – Its def a cutoff with consulting firms. Some hfs and large banks want to know it without a doubt. It’s a different story if you are several years out of your mba, though. I would put the 690 on if you go to a school outside the top twenty with a 650 average. If you go to a school with a 700 average, leave it off.

I think if you already got a MBA, its useless to include your gmat score. however, if you’re more junior and not yet able to enter a good b-school, it might be worth to include it, as it indicates the potential to go to a good school. Then it depends on to what company you apply, e.g. I think McKinsey is going to like it, as after a year or so they will anyway kick you out to go to a B-School. A company which doesn’t care about mba, might imply that you soon going to leave for further education and it’s not worth investing in you only to see you leave once you got good exp. and later on leave to a “better” company

If you have done better than 99% of the motivated, self-selected population of B-school aspirants (i.e. a GMAT score of 760+) its probably a good idea to stick it on your resume somewhere.