go back to IT - need advise

Folks, I have an MBA and a wish to be in asset mgmt. I passed L1 in dec 2009 and am studying for L2 in June. I am unemployed and have a potential job offer 100K+ in IT with not much upside potential. But taking this would be saying goodbye to finance. What i want and what i can get and have is what is keeping me up? what r u’re experiences. Thanks, LRM

Where is your MBA from?

having a job is 10 times better than dreaming about a job in different field. Take this job. You may get an opportunity to transit in future


Take the job dude.

take the job and continue the CFA program… while working in IT, keep looking for jobs in what you really want to do.

+1 take the job

I understand the dilemma, but as the say…a bird in the hand…

i see a barrage of IT gigs still available across the world (i’m not an IT guy but am aware). if personal finances won’t allow you to continue your search for finance, then take the IT gig.

Thanks for the advise. Its good money and definitely a bird in hand sways the argument. I will continue with L2 exam in June as i enjoy the material. Hopefully, in future i will be able to marry IT and finance. - LRM

I think you made the right choice given the circumstances. 100K+ is nothing to sneeze at. You mentioned no upside but you will find a lot of potential if you look. Good luck.