Go for L2?

I recently became a CFA Charterholder and can’t help but be enticed by the Stackable Credential program that would allow me to move to Level 2 of the CAIA.

As somebody who is on the sales side of investment products and alternative investments being a more emerging asset class, I feel like it would be wise to just go ahead with L2 of the CAIA - while CFA has given me some to be dangerous in that area, it’s be nice to have a more concentrated designation there.

That said, I’ve seen conflicting reviews on whether it adds value to CFA


If alphabet soup appeals to your clients then I’d say yep.

I was also very enticed to get a few other exams after the CFA but now that I’ve actually got the badge, think I’ve had the realisation that experience has more weight and so unless you’re wanting to sink your teeth into the alts area of finance, I’d say nope.

That aside, I’ve been weirdly feeling a little ‘lost’ now that I’ve passed. Maybe it’s because my day to day routine/goal isn’t as obvious right now. Just me? Or is this a factor for you wanting to pursue the CAIA?

Yeah, I definitely hear you on the experience holding more weight. I honestly don’t have “plans” necessarily to sink my teeth more into alternative investments, and it is not a current area of focus for me professionally.

You may be onto something with the feeling of being “lost” in a way haha, but I think it may be more subconscious if at all. I’ve picked up an old hobby that I really enjoy since finishing CFA which has been great.

In hindsight, I was SO ready to be done studying in that final stretch and after I finished. It’s not that I want to go back to that necessarily, but I think most of us here tend to want more - I guess I just figure by being able to skip a level, it’s essentially a 50% study discount, and I could just add that on while I’m not too far out of study mode.

But I don’t think it’s something I’m going to rush into at this point. It’d be September at the earliest, if that, most likely.

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I remember your pic posted. You certainly need another dose. Why not ring the CFAI for Level IV. People are already clamouring. Oh ! Forgot… The UK society has Level IV. Go figure.


I have the FRM. It does add value… markedly different from the CFA. But the ‘emptiness’ inside us post exam hangover ….er… post Charter hangover even I thought once to get the CAIA. After all they offer one alphabet extra

Undecided. Binge watching Netflix. Will take up either French or Spanish soon.

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Greetings friend! If you work in PE or with hedge funds then it’s definitely an interesting body of knowledge. I did it in reverse, I got my CAIA after passing level 1 of the CFA program, then took level 2 etc. Check to see if CAIA has a chapter in your area. Having a chapter adds a lot of value with networking etc.

Cheers :+1:

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:laughing: You are talking about the ESG cert right? It’s all anyone in the mutual fund / pension world talks about - the topic that is. I really can’t be bothered studying it though as I’m sure it would be like studying fluffy management concepts at uni again.

Maybe next year :laughing: I doubt it, I want more but got a young family now so spare time is scarce and studying for another badge just doesn’t seem to be time well spent.

Alternatives are a hot topic as well right enough, the old 60/40 eq/fi split probably won’t cut the mustard given where we are at looking forward.

Anywho, whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself :call_me_hand:

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I am curious, what’s the old hobbie?

I grew up playing piano and also picked up guitar at an early age. I ended up going to college as a guitar performance / music education dual major before realizing it didn’t align with my professional goals and switched lol.

But I also have a young family, coupled with the charter studying, and I had to kind of ‘put it down’ to an extent for a period of years.

Since passing L3, I’ve invested in new studio monitors, an audio interface and have brought out all of my equipment and set up an area dedicated to it in my basement office. Also invested in a new acoustic guitar in addition to getting my electric refurbished and tuned up.


That’s awesome! Back to soft fingertips :grin: Sounds like a great way to spend downtime, especially with your setup.
Must admit I use to love playing lead electric but I’ve carried my guitar from house to house like a bit of a trophy, half expecting to pick it up during my mid-life crises because it’s been so long since I played last :see_no_evil:
Remember my teacher telling me how well piano and guitar align. You can do so much with music from the laptop now, need to create some epic music, become a one man Muse band :call_me_hand:

That’s the plan! :grinning:

You should pick it back up when you can. I said the same and put it off for a long time but it’s never too late - the end of the CFA was my catalyst to just set it all up and have it accessible and dedicate some time to it. My kids are 5 and 2 now so they enjoy it as well and are a little more independent for me to play while they are hanging around playing together and we all enjoy it

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Interesting . Like the use of the word “ investing” in guitars abs acoustics

Sounds ideal, another year and I think I’ll have another spare hour in the day to spend, maybe my catalyst. I will pick it back up, use to love it, wanted to study it at uni but the parents were having non of it :grin: Very funny argument looking back.

Happy jamming :call_me_hand: