Go for Wiley FRM by Christian Cooper

I am an existing FRM Holder and have used the Study Guide prepared by Christian to go through the latest curriculum. I was immensely pleased with the way the guides have been prepared. They are a perfect mix of the core subject matter and additionally spiced up with the actual “street” practical stuff.

In hindsight, I feel that I would have definitely been better equipped to clear my FRM the first time had this been available then. Each topic is broken down into easy “bytes” and makes absorbing the whole complex curriculum a lot easier. Hat’s off to Christian for writing it in a manner that even a non-quant guy like me could understand the complex mathematical stuff.

Definitely get hold of this for your exams as this is an excellent & well written guide. Big Thanks to Christian for putting in his efforts to put together such professional material.

I would purchase this one Wiley’s book:

…rather for backup and as a trophy (my primarily source are Schweser notes). Has anyone read this book? Is material inside up to date or is outdated? Thoughts?

Looks like you started early for November…? I think you are giving both levels though…so makes sense to do so…

I have already finished readings of 8 Schweser books (P1 and P2). I did about 600 pages of my own notes. These days I’m starting with BT question sets. Overall, P1 is not so hard for studying. P2 is much harder but both still comparable somewhere between CFAI L1 and L2 by difficulty level. Although, FRM does have few deep diving into hard statistical concepts in P1 and many in P2, it still does not have open constructed response questions nor even vignette designed questions. It is more quantitative on overall basis but once you get familiar with these, it should not be so challenge. We’ ll see.

Wow!! that is great progress… when did you start? How many hours have you spent? That is a lot of work you have put in (600 pages of your notes for 2000 pages of material)…already.

I have started in early February. Now, I’m revising my notes and there is much work left to masterize all those concepts. So far I spent approx. 4 hrs per each day x 90 days = about 360 hrs in total for both parts. I used solely Schweser notes for readings. CFA exams experience was helpful for about 80 % of P1 material and for about 30 % of P2 material. There are more fancy formulas to learn than in CFA curriculum but chapters and concepts are quite shorter and thus quicker to finish.

Great commitment… at this rate you might go past the hours you spent on CFA L3… best of luck.