Go Goa Gone - Some people might be upset by this


Playboy got rejected for a licence to operate a club in Goa, India and I guess some people might be upset by this. I am a neutral here. Morally, it tells me it is wrong but using “vulgarity” as the reason for disallowing doesn’t seem right to me.

I think its good. It would have been lame and done poorly and cheaply.

Don’t think so.

Anything taken up by the private sector has by and large done well.

I was actually looking forward to this. These guys are jackasses cause they’ll be banging their mistresses on the side and everyone know’s goa’s underbelly.

I would picture a damp over-air conditioned room filled with a bunch of middle aged guys with moustaches, big fat bellies, taking pictures on their cell phones of them with their arms around a bunch of Russian tourists dressed up in bunny outfits, eating sev puri.

Not my idea of a good time. Can’t see someone like Frank Sinatra showing up either.

I’d feel less slimey and lame in a whorehouse.

They’d prob run it like a club.

free if you’re with a chick. stag entry for male single.female single- free.

it’ll come sooner or later i think. and who eats sev puri in a club?minimum chicken tikka


It would have turned into another one of those seedy Mumbai style ‘dance bars’.