Go to practise exam, without finishing curriculum?

I still have 50% of curriculum left. But only 8 days left. Shall i straight away go to exams now? What’s your advice people. Things I have left - (economics, alternative invest, derivatives, part of equity, part of FSA, part of corp. fin, part of quant)

eeeee… the only thing pepp is that you are leaving out sections of the important stuff, econ you must go over cause even thats worth 10% how is your knowledge with regards to econ (eg. do you have a finance degree or have been in the business for a # of years?)

I was econ major in college, but that’s hardly any gain, cuz I can’t remember anything. (ricardican, keynes, friedman, miller, lucas, smith, supply side, demand side,etc… ) those are the names that i remember, thats about it.

if I were in your position I would probably do as many mocks in the next coming days as possible and see where your strengths are. I mean if your only party of equity and you score well on it focus more on the important things like ethics FSA, FI and quant. You kind of have to pick you poison @ this point

getter, Ethics, FI, quant, I feel decent and part of FSA i feel okay, (for instance, I am having trouble with leases chapter, and I haven’t gotten to ratios)

I would say IMO that to pass this exam you need at least >70% on ethics, FSA, Quant econ and FI I would say focus on those and when you get a good grounding on it browse over the others so that you have a working knowledge.

how do i do econ?? its like 400 pages and I haven’t opened the text!! i shall start reading schewer

pepp do u have an email. I can try to spare u some time

artagnan, sure pepphell at gmail will check from home… no access at work.

D’Artagnan, Can you please share with the rest of us of what you are going to tell Pepp? Pepp, if you don’t mind, let us know what D’Artagnan says. - thanks.