goal disoriented

I am a jobless candidate. Not that I lost my job but never found one. I started with CFA just after my graduation and am 22 years old now. I was pretty serious about my previous CFA examinations and did well on both the levels. Also I just passed FRM part 1 with very good quartile scores. Now, I’ve kinda lost my focus. I know, it’s funny that my username is “areyouserious” but I have no seriousness. I have some responsibilities at home but most of the time I am free. I just find the level 3 curriculum boring and hence, I really don’t study. The last level is important for me as I plan to shift to another city and find a job. Help me on how do I motivate myself or anyother suggestion that you’d consider appropriate.

So, you graduated, have been living at home jobless, passed L1 and L2 while jobless, and need motivation to study for L3? How about this motivation: to get the heck out of your parent’s house and do something useful with your life??

All i would say is… employers don’t give a shit if you passed Level 1 and 2, all they care about is those 3 letters, which may or may not get you in the door, but it will certainly be beneficial at some point. At least it shows that you took initiative in a tough job market by trying to better your education and credentials, rather than sit on your ass (which your thinking about doing and is not a good idea) like the rest of the lazy dipshits out there. You presumably did a lot of work to get 1 and 2 knocked down, and you will get zero reward for all that wasted time unless you saddle up and get those 3 letters. Oh yah and don’t forget champagne reigns down from the heavens and 20 virgins will appear in your room as a gift from the CFA gods when you pass the 3rd test.

That’s all I needed to get motivated! Thanks! :slight_smile: