Goals for Long Weekend

a) Finish Ethics b) Finish Quant c) Finish (7,8,9) of FSA d) Finish FI e) Finish Alternative Assets Who is on board?

Finish flash cards Take second mock exam, do better than 46, LOL.

Oh I am keeping the exams for the last week, since I am running so late. I hope i can take some days off work. man. I am really scared.

ill be working Monday :frowning:

at least 30 hours study. revising FSA, quant, and ethics plus exercises

My goals for this weekend are: FSA Corporate Finance Fixed Income Equity I really need higher scores on these topics.

finish 4 books of CFAI. do flash cards. do secret sauce. all in 15 days. : (

After this Saturday, I will have the next two weeks off before the exam. Continue hammering away at Qbank. Tie down Ethics, Quant (SS2 and 3). Skim Econ (already did well in that). Review FSA. Skip book 4–I’ve gone over Portfolio Management a zillion times. Review Fixed income again. Take 120 question practice exam on fixed income from Qbank. Review Derivatives/Alternative investments and take 120 questions exam from Qbank. I’ve gone through 1,020 practice questions from Qbank. Also will complete free sample CFA test, and perhaps take one mock exam. I will not be leaving out of my house these next two weeks. :frowning:

its 12 days. count 2 days to rest.

pepp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > its 12 days. > > count 2 days to rest. opportunity cost is too high to rest, will sleep on June 8th after I kill a 6 pack of Sam adams summer ale in 1 hr : )

This weekend is war…study study study! Guys I hope we all pass!!!

Read through FSA, CFAI practice exam, and Schewer exam.

One mock exam at the least - score good on it anyhow… and a bit of revision… feel fine with quants/econ… all the rest are big pain…

Schweser book 6 exams, 1 on Sat, go over the ones I get wrong and do some more readings. Exam # 2 on Sunday. CFAI sample exam on Monday. Looking to put in 36-40 hrs from Friday night till Monday night.

Finish review completely (I am fairly solid for everything except for SS9 and Deriv/Alt.) Then keep doing every single question I have available to me.

FSA/Corp Finance. I don’t want to over exend myself, and I figure learning this cold now will yield the best results.

I will be attending weddings on Fri and Sat, I will be the guy in the corner with his Secret Sauce book out…who will then be the guy with a furious wife. Monday I am gonna review FI and Derivatives and take Exam 2 from Schweser. Has it been sunny outside? I haven’t noticed from my CFA Batcave I live in.

For the next 2 weeks: -This weekend, trying to stay off of here to finish flash card review. Some topics I haven’t read in months, need to nail down concepts that I forgot about. -Monday, taking the second mock exam -Next week, working on reading through ethics in the evenings. I got a 77 on the mock just from reading all the ethics on here, but I need to read the actual wording. -Also next week, do all math problems i see on here at work and take notes as to what equations I don’t know, next weekend, go back to books/Schweser and learn them cold. I figure most math covered on the exam is posted on here at one time or another. Finish week out before test with reviewing. Taking June 6th off, need a fresh mind! Side bar to KJH, what is your plan? We need to merge ideas! :slight_smile:

Side bar to KJH, what is your plan? We need to merge ideas! :slight_smile: FSA is by far the weakest link. I want a full review on all SS this weekend from that book and book 4. And I should relax, I’m really a calm person in real life. I vent on the board though :slight_smile:

Take CFAI Mock 1…I will decide whether to chill out this weekend or panic based on the score :slight_smile: