God giveth and god taketh away

A good friend of mine is selfishly getting married this weekend - so I’ve got a 8 hours round trip of driving, and a wedding to attend sober right in my past paper revision stage. So I just came back from getting my hire car - I’d paid the cheapest one they had with a further discount on that. What did they give me? A fully loaded 4x4 Pimp wagon with tinted windows and all the toys - in car dvd, sat nav, sub woofoers in the back. It’s ridiculous! I’ll get 20 mpg if I’m lucky, but the weekend’s looking up!

Yeh, but how is your studying going? Are you in the US?

Hahahah, wicked. You in London or Paris? Yes, the big guy does work in mysterious ways. Just tell the chicks at the wedding that you’ve got a huge Sortino Ratio and let the subs do the rest!

My studying? I’ve reviewed, understood an memorised huge chunks of the curriculum - all the way up to PM. For everything I could put in a list I have a memory map. I’ve done qbank questions every time I did a schweser chapter , but haven’t finished learning PM , and haven’t done derivatives or pm qbank yet. Have yet to do any past papers. I started studying with 56 days to go… so it’ll be tight but so long as I don’t slack off I stand a good chance of making it. I’m in London… driving to devon (tomorrow) via oxford (tonight). The reverse on Sunday AM.

memorised = memorized in US :slight_smile:

Same here. Mate is getting married on saturday - 4 hrs 37 minutes away by google’s reckoning. So I drive down on Saturday, drink extraordinarily heavily, then attempt to do questions on my mobile phone whilst the wife drives home on Sunday. gonefishin’ - you want to do my brighton wedding? I can fly to exeter easily enough from my place, it’d be much easier for both of us. Let me know.

In all seriousness I have to pick up a (temporarily) wheelchair-bound friend en-route, but otherwise I’d be well up for it!

Marriage, has that concept ever helped anyone? At all?

yes it has…a number have challenges but many are enjoying it …big time… like cfa you got to get your los’ right

Vicars and cake suppliers for certain - beyond that you have to try. It was also tax-effective once ipon a time.