God help me

I just literally forgot everything I learned…FML

yes, that’s right. Pray to the CFA gods

10/10 thread, not even joking. Needed that - thanks OP!

What’s awesome is how much of a memory dump you go through right after the test. Try looking at a single mock question and answering it on Sunday. You won’t remember a thing.

Shows you what a waste of info half this stuff is.

I prefer the upchuck method for memorization. Basically, just before the exam I take a mental snapshot of a bunch of formulas, and as soon as I get into the exam I hold the formulas in my head until the exam starts and then I *vomit* all my formulas on the paper.

Lol it’s crazy I’m positive I know the concepts n formulas for a lot of this, then I can’t connect it when I do the mocks…wtf panicking and desperation settles in…

adrenaline will save you

Adrenaline FTW. I never completed a timed mock exam (too lazy, to be honest) but was firing on all cylinders for the real deal.